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Hear James’s Story

Diagnosed with Autism, James* and his family had limited therapy near their home in Cobar. Every fortnight Mum took James out of preschool and her other children out of school to drive for two hours each way for a one-hour therapy appointment. On arrival, James would be exhausted, screaming and hitting his Mum for half of the session, and throwing around the therapist’s communication visuals. Mum said, “By the time I got back I couldn’t remember what had been said or recommended; all I could do was dread the next visit”. The family booked into the Windmill Program at Royal Far West in Manly. At the end of the week James had made huge advances, from exchanging visuals to requesting a food item, playing a game and signing “more” and “finished”. James’ mum says: “We were so lost, we felt that the rug had been pulled from under us, and we didn’t know where we were going. In just a week we have learnt to communicate with our little boy and found our joy in him again - we will never be able to thank you enough”. *Name changed to ensure the privacy of our client and family